A little about me

Producing Video for Social Impact

I believe in making positive change, and I use video to open people’s eyes and inspire action.

I’m a San Francisco-based video producer, and partner with individuals, organizations, and businesses to bring their stories to life through video. Video has the power to elicit emotions and engage people in a way that is just not possible with text or photos. I believe in the work I do and produce video that will have the biggest and most lasting impact possible. Skilled in all aspects of video production and post-production, my team and I can see your project through from concept creation to filming, editing, and delivery.

I have produced many different types and styles of videos from promotional shorts to online education and courses, fundraising and crowd funding, instructional, trainings, feature length action-oriented martial arts documentaries and more. Whatever your project or idea may be, I’m happy to discuss it and help you envision its possibilities and potential. Please feel free to contact me for a complimentary consultation. I can scale my team up or down to achieve the right production value for your project and budget.

I have a passion for making a positive impact in our communities and society at large, and video is my tool. Before going independent in 2011, I worked in-house as a Creative Producer at the Kapor Center for Social Impact. The Kapor Center is a family of non-profit and for-profit organizations founded by Mitchell Kapor and Freada Kapor Klein. I produced video to further their work in the realms of education & college access, voting integrity & civic engagement, and environmental justice. I continue to take on and seek projects that help my partners do good.

Hablo español e falo português.